Di Noko’s

Located in the heart of South Minneapolis is a deep dish pizza place that is so fantastic that I find myself daydreaming about it mid-week and waiting, sort of impatiently for Friday night to come around so I can enjoy a cold one and wait for someone to bring a box of this heaven-sent goodness right to my front door for me.  Who knew, right!?

I first read about Di Noko’s here.  With a significant other who hails from just outside of the Chicago area, a review about good deep dish pizza certainly piqued my interest.  It took approximately 2 days before we ordered one for ourselves.

I called them up, and being lucky enough to have a Minneapolis address we were within delivery range.  Our first order:  1 deep dish green olive and onion ‘za.

The pizza arrived at precisely the 45 minute mark, just as they had advised.  We were off to a good start.  It also arrived approximately 7 minutes before the above mentioned significant other and once I opened the box and took a look at the beauty of a pizza pie in front of me, there was not going to be any waiting around.

At first bite I thought the sauce tasted a little sweet, but nanoseconds after that first delicious swallow the spice hit and what a gorgeous combo it is.  Sweet, spicy, robust and in a league of it’s own as far as local pizza sauces go.  Then there’s the cheese.  Oh man, the cheese.    Word has it the cheese is fresh out of a Wisconsin dairy and you can tell.  On the deep dish there’s  a lot of it, too.  In fact, upon delivery I marveled at how heavy the pizza box was and the response from the delivery driver was “you should try one with meat on it.”  Indeed.

Di Noko’s offers other crusts and other sauces in addition to the Chicago Deep Dish with Di Noko’s sauce, but seriously…get the deep dish.

The Cha-Ching:  12-inch Deep Dish Pizza = $13.99.  Additional toppings = $2.00 per topping.

I’m telling you, for right around $20 plus a good tip for the driver, you can feed yourself, someone else, and a kid and still maybe have a slice leftover for lunch.  Not only that, it’ll be $20.00 worth of the most drool-worthy, dream about it later, deep dish pizza around, which basically means it’s worth it.  Trust me.

I mean seriously…check this out:

It’s a beautiful thing, this pizza.

You want one for yourself, check ’em out here.  When you find that you’ve gained a few L.B.s because you can’t stop ordering it, don’t blame it on me.  At least you’ll be fat and happy.  Di Noko’s is Di Bomb Diggity.


~ by KJ on April 13, 2012.

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