Sun Street Breads

Sun Street Breads and I have a long and storied history, unbeknownst to SSB, though, so that sort of makes me a stalker?

Anyway, Sun Street Breads and I first met a couple of years ago over at the Kingfield Farmers Market.  The Kingfield Sourdough caught my eye, winked at me, and I took it home.  It truly is a delightful sourdough.  I continued to pursue it on the weekends and was never disappointed.

Next, my lovely moved even closer to me with the opening of Sun Street Breads on the corner of 46th & Nicollet.  Of course I had to pay a visit, but feeling like I needed a change, I passed up my sweetheart sourdough and instead purchased a savory scone.  I wasn’t impressed.   Just goes to show you that cheaters never win.  I was a little put off since I had schlepped a 1 year old with me for numerous, screaming and unhappy blocks (her, not me), so when neither of us dug the scone, I gotta admit, I was pissed.  This time I schlepped numerous screaming, unappy blocks (me and her) and in a fantastically  Minnesotan, true Norwegian fashion, I declared that I was sitting shiva.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I shook my fist in the air and yelled “You’re dead to me, Sun Street!  Dead, I say!”

Later that week a good friend went for breakfast and called me from the cafe to tell me that I’d lost my mind and I must give them another chance because the biscuits were “to die!”  I hung up on her.  She repeated this attempt to sway me on 2 more occasions but I was bound and determined not to cave.

I lasted until 2 weeks ago when, in a hurry and starving I drove past Sun Street and realized I had a choice of either trying one of their lunch sammys or going to Subway.  I caved.

Since I was responsible for feeding others, our entire order consisted of a grilled cheese ($7), and 2 Kingfield Gobblers ($9/ea.).  The grilled cheese was exactly as it should be.  Buttery, a little bit crisp, and just the right amount of cheese for a lunch.  The Kingfield Gobblers are a sort of basic turkey sammy.  Nothing special and honestly, I think $9 is a little steep.   However, both sandwiches were good enough that last night I decided I would try them again for dinner.  So much for shiva.  Then again, I am a Minnesota Norwegian, so what do I know about shiva rules?

Turns out I showed up just in time to enjoy the newly released Spring Menu, which you can find out more about here.   Our table shared an order of the Tostones & Mojo ($5).  Now, I’ve had bad tostones, and I’ve had mediocre tostones, but these were delish.  Perfectly crisp, just a little bit salty and the mojo?  I could drink that shizzit.  Now we’re gettin’ somewhere!  Perhaps I was wrong, Sun Street.  Can you ever forgive me?  I’d like to resume our little love affair, especially since I also found that you have Fulton’s Sweet Child O’ Vine on tap.

I also got a chance to try the Shorewich ($12).  Mmm…a lightly crunchy cornmeal outside, and melt-in-your mouth cod on the inside.  Perfectly cooked, slightly peppery from the spiced coating and really, quite good.  Also up, the Phoenix ($10), which is a good vegetarian option.  I didn’t really “get” the charred celery, but it was interesting.  I’ve never seen it anywhere else, so I’m gonna say “nicely done” just for originality.  The toasted baguette was crunchy and chewy and good, though the inside of your mouth will curse you for the evening, which is always the case with those good baguette sandwiches, right?  The walnut spread mixed in with the goat cheese made it hearty and filling and comforting.

I also know a secret which is only a secret if you, like me, refuse to go there and find out the deets, but here ya go anyway….they have fun little buckets of kid’s toys to keep the little ones occupied, they have a decent little kid’s menu, and the servers are fabulous.

I’m happy to say that I’m prepared to resume my relationship with Sun Street.  I’m glad to have you back, my pretty.

The Cha-Ching:

Dinners from around $10-$16

Appetizers around $6

Lunch Sandwiches around $9

My opinion is that lunch options are decent to a little steep, dinner prices are good.


~ by KJ on April 13, 2012.

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  2. You sound like you might live in my publication’s coverage area (Southwest Minneapolis). I’d love to chat with you about this new endeavor. Ping me at

    ~James Sanna,
    Editor, Southwest Minneapolis Patch

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