Hour(s) of Happiness

It’s that time again, folks!  Monday has rolled around yet again, but this time the sun is actually shining in our fine corner of the world.

With soaring moods from the wonder of a bright day after all of the gloominess of rain and cold, my thoughts drift to outdoor patios and happy hour chit chat over an array of appetizers selected by various palates, as one and all complain about their work day, share tales of the now gone weekend, and the peal of laughter drifts down the waves of the river.  Wait.  River?  Who said anything about a river?   Plus, that was a ridiculously long sentence.  I think I need a drink.  And a river.

Oh, just so happens, I know the perfect place!  Did you know that Wilde Roast recently relocated to larger digs and a trendier, hipper view?  That’s right…Wilde Roast is movin’ on up and we all get to enjoy the perks!

3:30-6:30 Monday thru Friday we all can enjoy half priced tap beer, wine by the glass, and any (yes any!) appetizer.

I’m thinking about ordering the Truffled Tots, The Three Little Pigs (BBQ sliders with stout mustard and sweet chili) and that scrumptious artichoke dip.  Whaddaya think?  Oh wait  Can’t forget the important stuff.   Pull up a chair, order us each a glass of the Lagaria Pinot Grigio and we’ll all toast to summer in Mpls…on the river.  Cheers!

Wilde Roast Cafe

Newly located at:  65 Main Street SE


~ by KJ on April 23, 2012.

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