George and the Dragon

I happen to live in the neighborhood surrounding George and the Dragon.  I happen, in fact, to be very close neighbors to Fred and Stacy Navarro (by close I mean proximity-wise.  My thoughts in no way reflect a relationship with them…I met them for the first time at G&D), co-owners of the new hot spot on 50th & Bryant.   All this means that I get to hear all of the rumblings around the ‘hood.  I usually expect to hear the good, the bad and the ugly when a new place opens, as everyone scrambles to get in the door and check it out for themselves, and then talk about it in the hallways at the elementary school and on the corner at the bus stop.  What I’ve been hearing is that the service is impeccable, the food is delicious, the tap beer selection is superior and somewhere in the conversation, it is almost guaranteed that I also hear “and you have to get the dragon burger.”   The Dragon Burger is a burger topped with pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo and pickled peppers ($10).  I mean everyone is talking about the Dragon Burger.

My first opportunity to get over there, though, was this afternoon to have lunch with a neighbor.  I thought about ordering The Dragon Burger, but then decided it might be a little too much for lunch and so I put it on hold and instead ordered a salad.  Yeah, I know…a salad.  Well, check this out.  Both of us ordered salads and they were two of the most delicious salads I’ve had in a while.

I went with the Elizabeth.  For $8, it is a field green salad with aged Widmer cheddar, chunks of green apple, and toasted pecans in what they call their “pub vinaigrette”.  The vinaigrette was tossed perfectly throughout the salad.  Not too much, not too little.  Everything was crisp and fresh and perfect for lunch.  My friend ordered the Katherine, which is also a field green salad, topped with sliced sirloin, Amablu cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, parmesan dressing and an onion ring.  Also perfectly tossed so that the dressing isn’t too heavy or too light, the steak cooked to tender perfection, and the onion ring a lovely touch, all for a more than reasonble $12.  We also split an order of the appetizer prezel bread with homemade butter for $3.  It’s a small pretzel bread, perfect to share and ours was served warm, soft, and for bread lovers like myself and my dining companion, it was heavenly.  The butter, and in fact, all of the dairy they are using comes from a dairy out of Montrose, MN, I believe they said.  Anyway…delicious.  All of it.

I knew through word on the street that the beer selection is good and that there are 3 nitrous taps, which I must admit was very tempting, but I passed on the liquid lunch option and instead ordered one of their homemade ginger ales.  Very, very good.

I do a weird thing when I go to places, and what I’m about to say does not imply that my mind cannot be changed either in the positive or the negative, but I like to just “feel the space”.  I’m not sure how else to describe it.  I frequently tell friends and family that I just get a good vibe in some places and not so much in others.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with the food or the service, or anything else tangible.  Its the “feel” of the place, and at George and the Dragon, I liked what I felt.

I’m already planning my second visit and it will include that Dragon Burger and a nitrous tap of Boulder Mojo.  So what if it’s 7.2% A.B.V., I can walk home.  I think George and I are going to be good friends.  Oh, and the Dragon.

Oh, and here’s my Elizabeth salad and a little glimpse of my homemade ginger ale.  It was a beautiful thing, my lunch.  Thanks G&D…see you soon!

P.S.  As a fun challenge, check out the artwork to your right as you step in to the entryway between doors.  Can you find the dragon?


~ by KJ on May 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “George and the Dragon”

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  2. So…

    You are impressed by nitrogen taps and pepper jack cheese? And, Boulder Mojo??? Yuck!

    The truths is in the pudding indeed.

    • Jon, I don’t recall saying I’m impressed by pepperjack cheese, nor did I say that I’m impressed by nitrous taps. Clearly what I’m not impressed by are your reading skills.
      I do enjoy a good beer now and then and a nitrogen tap is just another interesting way to try a good brew. I’m curious..what impresses you?

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