Singing Songs of Praise for Sea Salt Eatery

Sea Salt Eatery down at Minnehaha Falls is nothing new, having been slinging some of the freshest fish in the Twin Cities since around 2006.  That said, each year around this time I start getting excited to get down there and just experience it all again and feel like I’m kicking off my summer.

Tonight I got my chance.  It wasn’t my first attempt, mind you, but the last time I made my way over there the line was, as sometimes is the case, winding out the door and around the path away from the Falls and I just didn’t have the time to fight my way through the madness.  Tonight though, I made it by about 5:15 p.m. and was just ahead of the rush…and I mean just.

As I walked down the path from the parking lot, I could already hear the sounds of a folk singer belting out a tune on the patio, while notes of laughter and conversation floated up to greet  me.  Ah yes…spring in Minneapolis is arriving.   After a short wait in line we ordered up a an appetizer special of crab stuffed avocado with tortilla chips ($7.95), a couple of beers, a fried fish po’ boy ($10.95) and a fried fish basket (also $10.95).  This was enough to feed 2 adults and 2 children and then some, though of course we left room for a little scoop of ice cream.

Out of all of my many trips, tonight was one of the first times I’ve actually sat inside instead of out at one of the wonderful patio tables with the backdrop of the waterfall and the melodies of whatever musician happens to be there that day.  Today, I dined to blaring beats of some early 90’s frat party music as we sat at the big picnic table to the side of the kitchen.  It was actually perfect.  It didn’t take long for one of my dining companions to notice the rows and rows of hot sauce and insist on giving some of them some taste tests.  He’s 6 and let me tell you, he made it through more of them than I did.

The food actually started out on a low note.  The crab stuffed avocado was lifeless and sort of tasteless.  The chips were inconsistent.  Some of them nice and crispy and a little salty and some of them under done which left them with a stale sort of not-quite-crunchy texture.  But, I was here for the fish, and once again, Sea Salt didn’t disappoint.  The fried fish basket was full, and I mean full of lovely, crispy, fantastic fish, a nice scoop of decent coleslaw and a big hunk o’ melon.  Nothing fancy here, folks, but it was fantastic..and it fed me and two kids.  The fried fish po’ boy was so huge it was almost ridiculous, and just as delicious as previous years.  The music?  Well, it was fine by me having been a college student in the ahem, early 90s, and plus, the inside seating was unoccupied enough at the time we were there that it allowed for a 6 and 2 year old dance party.  For a few minutes in my head I replaced the 90s dance tunes with zydeco and I was transported to a little neighborhood shack I once found in New Orleans where the fried fish was plentiful, the beer was flowing and everyone was dancing.  Nuthin’ wrong with that….

When the dance party wound down and all beer, fish and ice cream had been devoured, it ended up being the perfect night for a stroll down to the Falls…with the melodies of that folk singer drifting along with us as we strolled.  Who could not love this place?


~ by KJ on May 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “Singing Songs of Praise for Sea Salt Eatery”

  1. My love affair with Sea Salt is over. Long over. I used to anticipate my trips to sea salt for a taste of the East Coast seldom found in the Mid West – Fried Clams! My last several visits last summer yielded over cooked and bland results, reminiscent of a novice line cooks first attempt at calamari. Other dishes are inconsistent. What was crisp, fresh and tasty on prior visits was often soggy, stale and ho hum on subsequent visits. Wait an hour or more in line for service that ranges from disinterested to inept from an obviously intoxicated staff (both service and kitchen). Wait an additional hour or more for your food. What once was a “dance party” of fried and fresh seafood is now a matinee at a second run theater. Serious revisions are needed here to return Sea salt to it’s former glory.

    • Yikes! Maybe they can make some of those revisions this year and get back on track with you. I mean, a second run theater isn’t always bad…sometimes their revisit of a classic brings back at least part of the original glory. I will say that I have noticed some inconsistencies, which is why I stick to the fried fish. I haven’t had any disappointments there.

  2. […] plus a recipe for duck egg spaghetti carbonara), tasting notes for Totally Naked by New Glarus, praise for Sea Salt Eatery (here’s our recent visit) and the Well Fed Streetside dines at Vellee Deli. » Mad […]

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