Hour(s) of Happiness – Republic

The beginning of a week = *drumroll*

Time to start thinking about Happy Hour!

My pick for this week is Republic, located on Seven Corners.  Many years ago this area used to be my stomping ground when it included progressive beer night at Grandma’s and at some point in the night, I was sure to get my hands on a Miller Lite for a dime.

Thank God my tastes have matured in both beer and choice of venue.  That said, I still love a bargain and you can find one at Republic, sans sweaty dance floor, bathroom lines and drunk frat boys.  Well, I can’t make any promises on that last one, but I didn’t see any.

Some of the food options on the HH menu include a 1000 Hills hot dog, which is covered in slightly spicy sport peppers, some mustard and some relish.  It includes some fries, too, and they are good fries, all for $5.  Add a tap from their monstrously long list for $3 and you’ve got yourself a Happy Hour!   A 1000 Hills grass fed beef burger is another good option, especially for $6.  The guy sitting next to me at the bar also suggested the spinach dip, which is a mere $4.

My Hour(s) of Happiness included the hot dog & fries and a Boulder Mojo nitro tap.  I’d say there is no false advertising in their Happy Hour because I certainly left a little happier.  Dinner for under $10, some good conversation at the bar and thirst quenched.  Cheers!


~ by KJ on May 16, 2012.

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